moodboard musings: amphora studio

In my business, I'm specifically inspired by female business owners and how they navigate challenges through the female lens. Sustainability is something that is important to me in both my business and personal life. Repurposing old pieces is environmentally responsible and adds character to a space. Vintage furniture is often high-quality and more affordable than buying new.

I am currently heavily influenced by Danish/Scandinavian 20th century furniture design. Its timeless aesthetic and focus on quality and craftsmanship makes for the perfect statement piece in any space or home.

My future prospects for amphora studio is to pay homage to my Portuguese heritage. From the intricate details of the Manueline architecture in Porto to the colorful tiles of Lisbon, I am inspired by the beauty of Portuguese architecture and the innovative spirit of the Portuguese people

Amphora Studio

A passion project turned full-time mother/ daughter owned business.

We carefully curate and restore Midcentury modern furniture pieces that make a statement in any space.